Sonntag, Mai 15, 2011

Eurovision Song Contest 2011 - Final

Now the day is coming. Where will be the winner? Along the 20 attendat there are 5 other countries which participated. Here the "Big Five":
The venue was great as well the quali of from the sound. My favourite ones are: Georgia and Azerbaijan. Lena from Germany I think is very specially. But I like her song and here her song:

The points, what we had become for this song. But it was enough for coming in the Top Ten:

And here Georiga. I like it, but it's not so good like that from Azerbaijan:

And my other favourite? Hm, they have won. Congratulation. I have found it very great. It was not something espacially like Lena or Eldrine. But it was very harmonical. And here the song of them:

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