Sonntag, Juni 12, 2011

Syd Matters - To All Of You ....listening on O.C. California

In my free times I like to watch in the morning on "VOX" O.C. California. During a episode this Song from Syd Matters came. For me it's make a sad impression. But it's normally if somebody leaves school and you are remembering all the schooltime ...
But this Song play a secound time, at the end of the epsiode. Marissas boyfriend kiss an other girl and Summer is sad and angry about the situation between Seth and her, so she has drink a lot. At finally a "happy" graduation going bad.

However I like this song. Enjoy it to see their Clip from Syd Matters and to warch the parts of O.C. California,where the song is playing!

"To all of you, American girls, it's sad to
Imagine a world without you
American girls I'd like to
Be part of the world around you
Driving a car by the seaside
Watching the world from the bright side
To all of you, American girls in the movies
Noone can tell where your heart is
American girls like dollies
With shiniest smiles and plastic bodies
I wish I had an American girlfriend
I cry sometimes walking around my own place
Wondering why she cries sometimes
Talking about her own place
Somewhere around the mountains
Noone could dry her fountain
Till she got tired to complain
That's when I fly to the wildland, to your land"

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