Sonntag, Juni 05, 2011

Coldplay - Rock am Ring 2011

Yesterday, Coldplay played a stunning set at the Rock am Ring Festival in Germany on 4th June 2011. Evenso you could see a streamed live version on the web our like me on the TV on ARD*Plus.
It was very great to see them again on a stage. During the show I wished to be there with the other people, standing in the rain with the tempest in the background.
The guys of Coldplay present to us a fresh group with many power and you could see on their face how many fun it had made it to them to be on this Festival.
It must be told, that they wasn't never bevor on a festival. So this was their first time yesterday.

After a break of one year we see the guys in a new stage look. That means new clothes, new prints on their instruments and a new slogan: New York graffiti! Very Colorful, which you can interpret more thing with this slogan :)Here the Setlist on Rock am Ring 2011:

Hurts Like Heaven
In My Place
Major Minus (Up With The Birds)
Singing In The Raining
Cemeteries Of London
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
Violet Hill
The Scientist
Us Against The World
Viva la Vida
Charlie Brown (Cartoon Hearts)
Life Is For Living
Fix You
Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall 

The highlight in yellow are the new Songs from Coldplay. The last of them, "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall", was presented one day before.

And for everyone who want to see it again, one alternative is to see it on youtube:

And the other alternative is this one: Here you can download the part of Coldplay on the festival.


  1. Thanks for the link, I have searched for it!

  2. It was so great. Been to Rock am Ring for 7 years now, but this was the best I've ever seen.