Montag, April 25, 2011

True Blood

True Blood - a new american television series by Alan Ball. True Blood is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris, and details the co-existence of vampires and humans in Bon Temps.

But why this serie is better than Twilight and the other vampires hype ?
True Blood isn't not totaly based on a romantic storie between a human and a vampire. It have more action, sex, drugs and blood. Evenso it have many mystic creature which you can see few of thems on every seasons. Also in True Blood they show how vampires life in the world, what they think about the humans evenso about a relationship and how a command structure between the vampires is built.
But why vampires life togehter with humans?
Japanese scientist have created syntetic blood for medical purposes. So the vampires "doesnt need" to kill humans or drink human blood.

As well they show the other side of the coin: the people. How the think about the life together life with vampires? All this you can see in True Blood!

But it have a romantic storie about vampire and a human. This are Sookie Steakhouse (the main character of the series) and the vampire Bill Compton. I dont like Bill Compton, because he seems that he has a secret. This secret will be solved in season 3.
In my opinion, I like more the vampire Eric Northman. Maybe he looks better ;) ... but he seems more interesting than Bill Compton.
In season 4 Sookie and Bill will have be relationship. But for season 4 you must wait. They are in production now.

The series start-up in germany is 16th March. They will show till season 3.

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  1. Ich hab die Serie auch gesehen auf RTL, scheint nicht gerate spannend zu sein. Aber anscheinend die anderen Staffeln, die sollen wohl besser sein...