Freitag, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding of Prince William Kate Middleton 2011

Today I will see on the televison the marriage of Kate and William. I'm interested to see it, 'cause I find it intrigued how they will make this marriage very british ;)

                     "Only parts from sundries articles"
On Friday 29th April William of Wales will marry Catherine "Kate" Middleton at Westminster Abbey. The Royal wedding procession will take in the capital's most prestigigous sights, promising a truly memorable event in the most picturesque surroundings London has to offer. Much of the Route will be through St.James's Park. This interactive guide will let you be a part of this wonderful regal celebration. Here you can look on a interactive map: Route

Queen Elizabeth II to give Prince William and Kate Middleton the title
The Queen has given the title of the Duke of Cambridge to Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton will be Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. Media speculates, that this title was chosen because the last Duke of Cambridge also married a commoner for love. Prince William will be the 3rd Duke of Cambridge.

Themesongs of movies from the acapella
This I must write down here, becaue this is incredible:
Star Wars, Dark Rider
Indianer Jones
Pirates of Caribean
and others...

Guests start arriving 
The firsts guests are coming in the Westminster Abbey. They all must arrive first than the Queen and the bride "Kate". Pictures from

In the Church

                                  the Beckhams

 Harry's Girlfriend

  Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

 in the church with the altar

Diana's Brother

 the Brothers of Wales, Harry and William

the spanish Royalfamily: Sofia, Felipe und Letizia.

Prinz Charles and Camila

Eugenie and Beatrice, cousines from William

Queen Elizabeth II and Philip

Kate's Mother ...

... and her Sister Pippa

And the last one - the bridge Kate ...

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