Freitag, September 24, 2010

The freestyle vomit cat Lucy!

Like every night, Im still sitting infront of my notebook and surfing around in the internet.
In my little, sweet room are three cats. One of them is the cat, what u can see on the left. Her name is Lucy. She has many properties. One of them she must demonstrated at this night, what she can: "vomit who I'm lying!"

But before a cat or a dog vomit, they make a specially sound. So I jump out of my chair to pack this cat and to cast her at the ground floor ... but it was to late ...

At the moment, when I have she in my hands, she starts to vomit. So she hit my bed, who are lying my pants and the half room. I was so angry, cause few days ago I have cleaned the ground floor and now I can make it again. During the cleaning of my bed and the ground , the cat Lucy goes under my table .... and there she vomits again. 2 min later again >.<
And after all she comes to my miaowing and purring, as when she would say to me: "Now I have enough attention for the night!" ... stupid cat ...
Here a little drawing about the happening >.<

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